"On behalf of our group, I want to personally thank you and your team for making our evening, Saturday, July 9, 2011 in Buffalo so incredibly wonderful.

From the moment of our arrival, your personal greeting, your immediate attention to our request for a "walk-in" of a party of 20 was brilliant.  Your team especially Zac, could not have done another thing to make our evening perfect.  Prior to our arrival, we had gone to Century, they refused to accommodate our request for separate bills for each family and they put us upstairs, where it was incredibly hot.  When I asked the server if I could speak to the Manager...the Manager literally yelled up from the bar and said, "What do they want to talk to me about?".  At which point, all 20 in our group got up and left there completely empty restaurant.  

We walked a short block and found you.  Lucky were we...SOHO BURGER was incredible!

Your entrees were absolutely delicious and we were all in awe of the presentation.  The girls especially loved your milk shakes, the presentation of the serving dishes and the home made chips were awesome.  I personally had the shrimp cocktail and the veggie burger, which was exquisite.  Our team was still talking about the restaurant yesterday and the size of the SHRIMP...oh my gosh...just awesome!

I'm a huge fan of the restaurant shows, the likes of Gordon Ramsey...he could learn a few things from you!  As I believe your restaurant is top-notch and I know from my own business experience that a great business is only successful with great leadership.  My hats off to you on a really great concept.  You and the entire team at SOHO Burger have our promise that when we return to Buffalo; and, we do each summer for tournaments, we'll be visiting again."

Jacqueline, Team Manager
Mississauga North Tigers

Soho Buffalo, NY

 64 W. Chippewa Street / Buffalo, NY 14202  716.856.SOHO (7646)