Erin B. - North Tonawanda, NY

"I would like to preface this review by saying I ate at Hubert Keller's Burger Bar in Las Vegas last week, and they were one of the original 'upscale burger joints'... they are legit. The food at Soho Burger Bar is just as good and for being in Buffalo, that earns you 5 stars in my book!

We had a Living Social deal for this place and originally were going to go there before a Sabres game... unfortunately the NHL didn't cooperate and we were the jerks who came in to redeem our deal on the very last day it was valid. However, our hard-working waitress (we weren't the only ones!) was very kind and gave us great service despite being busy. The decor inside is very cool and funky... check out the lighting above the bar area!

We started off with the truffle tater tots. I'm a big fan of anywhere that serves tater tots, but these are HOMEMADE people! Anyone can heat up some Ore-Ida's and throw some fancy truffle salt on them and charge $6, but these are clearly made from scratch with love. In fact, all of their ingredients are locally sourced from Guercio's and their meat mixture is made especially for them at Johnny's Meats in Buffalo. I love that. OK back to the burgers... my husband had the Red Hot Chili Burger, which was delightfully spicy but flavorful and not just hot. I had the Gold Standard, which is their basic burger but its topped with cheddar, bacon, arugula, garlic chive aioli, and tomato confit. It was lick your fingers good. Its served with a side of freshly made potato chips and a nice crispy pickle, and when it arrived at our table, it looked a little on the small side... but that's because the burger itself is so thick so you're getting more meat:bun ratio. Perfection. Its served medium rare, so still a good amount of pink inside, which is how a good burger should be served. If you can't appreciate that, you should just go to Burger King for your well done burger that they have to cook to that temperature to prevent you from getting e. coli.

For dessert we each had an ice cream cone which was a perfect end to this all-American meal. Everything was just so awesome, I will definitely be back! This was the best burger I've ever had in Buffalo, hands down."

Erin B.
North Tonawanda, NY

Soho Buffalo, NY

 64 W. Chippewa Street / Buffalo, NY 14202  716.856.SOHO (7646)